About OSNF



In the late 1970s shelters in the Portland area were killing almost 40,000 animals each year using a machine called Euthan-air, a decompression chamber. A core group of volunteers investigated this chamber and witnessed animals being killed using it. What they saw changed their lives. They vowed to end this barbaric technique and put their energy into preventing the needless deaths of companion animals.


This group, originally called Citizens for Humane Euthanasia, won this battle against the decompression chamber, and went on to become an advocacy group for spay/neuter as the best way to end pet overpopulation. The group eventually merged with the Responsible Pet Ownership Council to become the Oregon Spay/Neuter Fund. We continue to work tirelessly to prevent the needless deaths of companion animals and our mission is to make spay/neuter services affordable and accessible to all, regardless of income level.


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